The Stormwater Billing Impervious Area Map is for informational purposes only.

The application identifies the annual stormwater utility fee and total square feet of impervious area recorded for each parcel. Rooftops, driveways, parking lots, and gravel are considered as impervious area.

Your actual stormwater utility fee bill may differ from the annual stormwater fee rate quoted in this application due to our ongoing quality control efforts. If your parcel was developed after our latest imagery, impervious area data may not be available at this time. If you believe there is a significant error in the impervious area identified on your property, please email the GIS Billing Data Group.

The data on this site is intended to depict impervious surface area for stormwater billing purposes only. Do NOT rely on this data to determine legal boundaries of parcels, maximum impervious area coverage, etc. For more information about maximum impervious area, contact the Development Services Center at 919-560-4137. For more information about parcel boundaries, contact the Register of Deeds at 919-560-0480.

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Stormwater Utility Fee Map