Starting on July 1, 2020, only Materials detailed in the Reference Guide for Development are considered valid. Please check the current reference guide for the list of valid materials and structure types for water, sewer, and stormwater. Please also consult the guide to using the website if there are issues with the file headers.

The City of Durham As-built Digital Data Map is for informational purposes only.

The application allows users to check their feature and pipe files before submitting them to the Public Works Department as part of their digital as-built submittal. At this time the application only handles .txt and .csv files.

The absence of any errors in the checker does not guarantee that the digital submittal will be immediately approved.

Please note that the pipe files are digitized from feature to feature, so any curved lines (such as are often found in the water system) will not be captured in the rendering of the system.

To ENTER the Application click on the "I Accept" button below to indicate your UNDERSTANDING and ACCEPTANCE of the limits to data accuracy as stated above. Otherwise click "Go to City Homepage" or close your browser.

City of Durham As-built Digital Data Map
Check Data
1. Select utility type
Sewer Stormwater Water
2. Select feature file
3. Select pipe file
5. Review results
Check Your Control Points